- I shoot almost exclusively with Canon gear
- I don't believe in settling for second best. Especially when it comes to photography... or coffee.
- I call the Kansas City area home, but I grew up in the middle of Missouri and I lived for many years in the south. I like to think I'm all the best parts of those places rolled into one.
-I shot my first destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico in 2017.

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I have four kids... ahem...
big kids?

Kelsey, age 26 
Austin, age 21
Alex, age 19
Kinsey, age 18

Yes. I will brag about them. 

fun facts

This is Daisy and Izzy. 

They are both rescues.

They are also my children.

The brown one (Izzy) was rescued at 4 weeks from a bad situation that had come to my attention on craigslist. She's a fighter, just like her momma.

Daisy, was a rescue from Unleashed. She was Rob's and became mine soon after. In fact, I only agreed to go on a date with him if he agreed to bring her so I could take her picture. She is SO beautiful (lab & great dane mix).

I like to play with my hair color.

One time it will be pink, the next time it will be blue and then I'll go back to my blonde. I'm forever changing it.

 I got my first tattoo (left) in 2018 when Alex (right) turned 18. He wanted us to get them together. Alex got a Celtic angel (my family calls me angel) holding a puzzle piece (he's on the spectrum) and I got a puzzle piece with a tree signifying his roots, ravens as a nod to my favorite author, Poe and the words, Define Normal as this is something I have had to say over and over again while Alex was growing into the amazing young man he is today.

more about me

you'll hear from me shortly.

thank you!

xo, Angela

With arrival of Covid-19, we are all using unique ways to conduct business and get to know each other. I usually meet all my clients over a cup of coffee at our local coffee shop (and I hope to get back to that), but for now, we can chat on the phone or we can zoom. It's your choice, just let me know what you are most comfortable with. 

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